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Shengmeng Education Center

In response to the impac of Covid-19, and to improve the teaching quality of the class, SRVCS board has made some adjustments for 2020-21 school year:

  • $50 Registration fee is waived throughout the whole school year;

  • Class size is reduced to improve the online teaching quality;
  • Tuition Reward Policy:
           1) Chinese Class Attendance Award: Students who reach a 90% attendance and arrive in class on time (show within 3 minutes of class starting) will get 10% tuition reward credit at the end of the school year; 
           全勤奖:对于 中文课按时出勤率达到90%的学生,可以得到10%的学费作为奖励。具体措施:老师上课记录,开课后3分钟后到达视为迟到。
          2) Chinese Homework Award: Students who finish the homework and submit (before 10:00am of Friday there is class on Saturday) over 90% of the time will get 10% tuition reward credit at the end of school year. All the homework must be submitted via email.
  • Financial Aid Plan: For those families who are suffering financial loss form this pandemic,Please contact school for a tuition payment plan.

Important Notice:

To protect the health and safety of our community in the face of the surging COVID-19 pandemic, SRVCS will shift its earlier plans for this fall and move all the classes to remote instruction through zoom.

2020 Summer Online Camp/Class Registration is open now. Click here to register.

A quick QA  of Google Classroom with Class Code:

Why it says "That code isn't valid" I sware I give the right Class Code:
   Some emaila ddress, such as the one provided frmo school district, are not allowed to be used externally. This is one of the most possible reason. Solution: Login with one of your personal email. Gmail is preferred.

Important Notice:
SRVCS is online from March 14th 2020. The date of resuming in-person class will depend on the cronovirus situation.

In SRV Chinese School and Shengmeng Education Center, online means two arrangements:
1. Take the in-person class online: For this we use zoom. 
2. Learning is much more than the 1 or 2 hours in class. Homework play very important role. We want students to turn in the homework, our teacher will review, and return with comments. We also want to share more meterials with parents. For this purpsoe, we choose Gogole Classroom.

a guideline can be found HERE:

The updated Virtual ClassRoom ID with ZOOM can be found at:

Fun with Snap! Programming
Snap is a free, easy-and-fun-to-learn browser-based educational graphical programming language for young coders. It is a significantly upgraded and enhanced programming language from the highly-regarded Scratch. This class will be taught on Zoom by an experienced computer science teacher

                 Registration Form


Online Audio Homework开始使用3个月后,不少班级的完成率已经比较稳定持续在50%,这得益于老师们的辛勤劳动和家长们的大力配合。同时我们注意到高年级的完成情况和作业的布置情况相较低年级来得差些。通过和老师们的交流,大概看到有这些几个想法:
1. 高年级的课本很长,读一遍文章需要很长时间,孩子们不喜欢
2. 高年级的训练重点是写作,口语是低年级和中年级的训练重点
3. 老师们已经在高年级课堂中增加了不少的口语的训练,交互式的课堂管理中引入大量的学生的参与和发言机会,这些是不是已经足够了。


盛萌高年级的教学的目标(Grade5 + )


美国的 DailySchool中在总结和归纳上面的训练不是非常够,
- 总结不出文章或者小说的精华。
- 即使用英文解释的话也是词汇贫乏,仅仅是写Fun,Good, Bad,等等简单的个人品论,没有论据, 没有修饰,没有逻辑
- 上面的问题在让孩子们用说的方式做演讲的时候,问题会更突出。

中文学校教学除了教中文外,应该还可以覆盖Daily School中的一些不足,例如给学生更多的口头表达上的训练,并让学生们学会如何改进自己的语言组织能力。



Online Audio HomeWork的作用

- Online的AudioHomework可以是课堂讲演的延伸。可以要求学生们将课外的准备录下来。培养他们的Professional的做事意识。
- OnlineHomework可以要求学生限定时间,从而使得他们可以思考如何在有限的时间内将一个问题讲清楚,讲明白。
- 课堂时间有限,课外的Homework的录音可以使更多的孩子得到训练的机会。老师们应该坚持对孩子们的Audio作业评判,从而激发学生们的持续完成作业的热情和习惯

To write a blog is very easy. Here you will learn how to write, and how to include a picture into your blog.

You need to log into school web site first.

Part I: Write Blog ABC

1. Select "Write Article" from "MyTools"
2. Select "Add Blog"
3. Make sure to select the name of the Blog
    We have 3 Blog categories:
    - School Blog: Mainly by teachers and school admins
    - Parent Blog :
    - Student Blog : You will see some students post homework here.
4. Make sure to write a title
5. Write and Save


Part-II Advanced knowledge:

1. How to Post a Picture

   1.1 Find the "Insert Pitcure" Button from the toolbars

    1.2 Upload a picture, please notice you need to select "Upload" first, and then browse and select file, and "Send to Server"

   1.3 Simply click on "OK", you will see the pciture in your Blog.

2. How to move, adjust the size of picture:

    Select the picture in the edit window, and do whatever you used to do in Microsoft Wrod, resize it, or drag-and-drop the picture to a new position.

3. Move a blog from one category to another:

    First, please read the FAQ #1 below and understand the differnce between a blog and an article.
    Notice that youcan only move from one blog to another, you can not move the articles from one category to another.
    Go to "Article Mange" under "MyTools". All files you wrote should be there. Click on the one you want to move and enter into edit mode. There you can change the category.

4. Modify my Blog

    Go to "Article Mange" under "MyTools". All files you wrote should be there. Click on the one you want to edit.
    Make sure to save your blog or article before you leave.


1. What is the difference between "Write Blog" and "Write Article"?

    Blog once is saved, will be published online immediately so every visitors to school web site will see it.
    Article, will be reviewed by school first before publish.

2. Can not find my article

    PLease go to "Article Manage" under "MyTools". All files you wrote should be here, click on any of the article to edit them.

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